Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Dear Netflix, Blame Hollywood

Dear Netflix,

It's not you. It's not me.

Recently, I cancelled my DVD / Blu-ray delivery service with Netflix. I still purchase their streaming content. And for the time, I'll be content with that, as will my family. The reason was not cost cutting, although saving $10 a month will be nice (ish). The real reason behind the move is much more practical.

I just don't like most of what Hollywood is putting out these days.

The few-and-far-between entertaining movies wind up being purchased. Failing that, I can rent them from Red Box. 95% of the new releases I have little more than casual interest in. So I can either wait to see them when they make it to streaming, or just do without.

In this instance, Netflix has been done in by its own industry.

Not ironically, the majority of the things that we stream are older shows and movies. Back when it was quality entertainment.

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