Thursday, August 18, 2016

A Guide For My Daughter

Whether it's fair or not, women in the west are judged largely based on their looks. A woman cannot add to her looks with a charming personality. A woman can take away from her looks with a negative personality.

A woman who wishes to win the marriage game would be well advised to follow these principles:

1. Stay slim & fit.
Don't be fat.
This is the primary principle. Fat is not fit. No amount of personality will make up for the fact that your weight begins with a "2" (or 3!). Eat less. Eat good, real food (not processed or starchy). Work out a couple of times a week. Move around a lot daily.
Avoid: drugs, alcohol, veganism, vegetarianism.

2. Be pleasant to be around.
Don't be bitchy or crazy.
Feminine is good, bossy is not.
Polite is good, sass is not.
Manners are good, bitchy is not.
Quietly confident is good, brash cockiness is not.
Compliments are good, complaining is not.
Smile is good, scowl is not.
Chaste is good, slutty is not.
Conservative is good, liberalism is not.
Avoid: liberalism, social justice causes, attention-whoring, promiscuity, snobbery, and the like.

3. Be feminine.
Don't be masculine.
Do not constantly shit-test him.
Do not challenge him for control.
Follow his lead.
Take his side.
Avoid: feminism, atheism.

Do or do not; there is no "try."
Save yourself for marriage. If you do the rest of these things, you will be worth it. If you fail in any one category, you will eventually fail them all. Then you will be damaged goods. No man of quality needs to marry damaged goods - he is in demand and can take his pick of girls who took themselves seriously.

Marry early (before 25) - preferably to an older man (over 30). He should be somewhat established by this point.

Do not divorce, unless it is genuinely a life-threatening environment. It won't be if you follow the above advice. The grass will never be greener on the other side. Women who divorce are subscribing to a life of poverty. Never does a woman find a better man later. The better man chose a better woman to start with than you will ever be if you do not heed this advice.

A woman who does these things would make a good wife and mother. And that is the highest calling a woman can have in this life. Such a woman will be desired by the highest ranking men.

Note: this coincides perfectly with the famous "Hot-Crazy Matrix." The hottest and least crazy women get to date the highest standing men.

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  1. More often than not, women would find that the world can be their oyster by following this simple formula.


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