Thursday, July 21, 2016

What is a Cuckservative

Some friends and family have seen me use the term cuckservative a few times, and the wonder what it means. Just for propriety,  Milo was probably the first and best to describe it. Cuckservative is, simply put, a word that is an amalgam of cuckold (def. - fetish of watching one's partner having sexual relations with another person; specifically, watching one's wife have relations with another man) and conservative. 

And that's what so many conservatives have done... cuckservatives have relinquished the masculine duties to someone else. Voting for Romney and McCain. Accepting liberals like Kasich and Lamar! in the conservative party. Falling for SJW bullshit lines. Letting other countries and peoples push us around.


In SJWs Always Lie,  Vox Day points out, as a strategic principle, that one should keep the moderates in check. Cuckservatives are the moderates. Vox suggests that one can identify a moderate with this litmus test:
- Moderates only shoot at their own side, and never at their enemy.
- Moderates often try to find a middle ground that doesn't exist.

Once the moderates have been identified, Vox suggests that moderates should not be permitted to provide input for strategy or tactics. Also, moderates are not to be accepted as leaders.

I would add that a cuckservative is a person who identifies as a conservative, but often falls for or recites SJW propaganda. This would include the spoutings of feminists. This means if you find a conservative leaning person who 1) always lies, 2) always doubles down, and 3) always projects; then you have found a cuckservative.

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  1. We have one of these at work. Classic blue pill/SJW/white knight. In some ways, it's a source of entertainment, but also sad to watch a grown man go down that road.


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