Saturday, July 9, 2016

Sitting This One Out

Black Lives Matter
Blue Lives Matter
All Lives Matter

I'll let them fight this one out.

On one side is BLM. A known terrorist organization who has called for the taking of innocent police lives. They want to turn everything into a race issue... particularly when it's not.  They want to come to the defense of felons and other criminals, instead of innocent black people.

The other side is our national police state. This group "feels threatened" more than anyone on the planet ever. When accused of a crime, they investigate themselves and find themselves free of wrongdoing a great majority of the time. A total lack of accountability and repercussions has tainted what ought to be an upstanding career choice.

So I see people on social media saying they will stand with police. Or stand with BLM. I'll let them. And I won't be joining them. Let these groups kill each other off a bit. It will improve our society.

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