Thursday, July 14, 2016

Karate For Fighting 4

He who controls the distance controls the fight.
Engage when you want to. Disengage when you don't want to. That's the secret to fighting successfully using your karate skills.

Part 4 - other circumstances

Sometimes, you find yourself not advancing or retreating, but in other situations. Here are some techniques and tactics to survive... and to thrive.

Kuzushi Waza
Sometimes, your opponent over extends on a strike, and you can use kuzushi waza.
Sometimes, you intentionally over extend a strike, and find yourself in a position to execute kuzushi waza.

Sometimes you are nearly in a clinch position. Use ashi-barai (leg sweeps) to trip opponent.

Sniper attacks
Sometimes, you are playing the distance with your opponent, and an opportunity presents itself for a precision attack. In addition to standard punches, here are some techniques that might be useful:
Front kick (solar plexus, jaw, nose)
Front jump kick
Front thrust kick (rear leg) to hip or torso has the effect of a push
Front thrust kick to knee (lead leg or rear leg)
Round kick (thigh, ribs, liver, head)
Back kick
Spinning hammer fist*

* In MMA, you will see a spinning back fist. Use spinning hammer fist if your hands are not heavily wrapped and padded.

Use leg sweeps, elbows, knees, palms to the side of the head & face to do damage. Use double hand pushes and frames to get out.

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