Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Karate For Fighting 2

He who controls the distance controls the fight.
Engage when you want to. Disengage when you don't want to. That's the secret to fighting successfully using your karate skills.

Part 2 - Advancing
Advancing is the art of going after the opponent. You can go directly after the opponent, or you can cut him off. Cutting him off means you go where he is going, not necessarily where he is now.

Once you decide whether you plan to attack directly, or cut him off; you must then decide whether to attack with a lunge or advance-step. Here are some good combos.

Triple punch
Jun-zuki - gyaku-zuki - jun-zuki
Gyaku-zuki - jun-zuki - gyaku-zuki
You can use either a lunge or advance.

Double punch
Jun-zuki - gyaku-zuki
Gyaku-zuki - jun-zuki
Again, this can be used with a lunge or an advance.

A double punch can be followed by a front kick or round kick with devastating results.

Kick - punch
Mae-geri - jun-zuki
Mae-geri - jun-zuki - gyaku-zuki
Mawashi-geri - jun-zuki
Mawashi-geri - jun-zuki - gyaku-zuki

Use a rear leg kick on this one. Target the midsection (solar plexus for front kick; ribs for round kick) with the kick to improve punch results.

Calf kick
Mawashi-geri - jun-zuki
Mawashi-geri - gyaku-zuki
Gyaku-zuki - mawashi-geri
A mawashi-geri to the calf can knock a man off balance, or even trip him altogether. Follow with a quick jun-zuki or gyaku-zuki  for maximum results.

Alternately, lunge in with gyaku-zuki and follow it with mawashi-geri for a surprise.

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