Friday, July 29, 2016

Hillary Candidacy

There are some serious questions surrounding Hillary Clinton's candidacy. Yes, she was nominated last night for the Democrat ticket. But there's too much baggage, I think. Character questions, ability questions, leadership questions, and even health questions. If you can "explain away" all of these, then you are either stupid or on an agenda. And that agenda would not be the betterment of the USA.

Seriously, she left those men to die. We have the emails that prove it. We have the FBI director saying she lied about those emails.

As an attorney, she got a man acquitted of rape whom she knew was guilty. In case you don't see it, there are two major problems here: 1. That's not very pro-woman. 2. That's not very good attorney-client privilege.

Did you see her seizure? What about that time out of the spotlight last year due to "head injury?" I think there's more here than meets the eye, and I am genuinely concerned over her health.

Without the super delegates, this election was Bernie's. That's not very democratic of the Democrats.

Why is it that anyone who has dirt on Hillary either winds up endorsing her despite it, or dying? And it used to be that way on Bill Clinton, for that matter.

Wall Street
She says she will take them on, yet her son-in-law works for them, and her major donors come from Wall Street. Regardless of your opinion  of Wall Street, this is inexcusable.

Many examples here. The latest? Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is forced to resign as Chair of the DNC due to ethics issues, and is immediately hired by Clinton.

Liberal Causes
She is not pro-woman.
She is not pro-gay marriage.
She is not pro minorities.
She is not in favor of any oppressed group, as identified by progressive outlets.

What's more, Hillary is pro-war.
More so than Trump.
So much so that the establishment Republicans  (read: warmongers) have started backing her.

Not Progress
This does not sound like progress, according to the Democrat platform.
Thus does not sound like progress according to the Trump platform.
This only sounds like progress from the old establishment Republican platform.

If you are socially liberal and fiscally liberal, the best candidate for you is the Green Party's Jill Stein.
If you are socially liberal and fiscally conservative, then the best candidate for you is Donald Trump. If you absolutely cannot stand Trump, then you might like the Libertarian Party's Gary Johnson.
If you are socially conservative and fiscally liberal, then it sounds like you are out of luck.
If you are socially conservative and fiscally conservative, then the best candidate for you is Donald Trump.

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