Friday, July 8, 2016

Dallas in Chaos

We awake to news this morning of all hell breaking loose in Dallas last night. The crux of the matter seems to be protests by Black Lives Matter. Make no mistake, BLM is a domestic terrorist organization. It is the USA's ISIS.

Evidently, one (possibly more) BLM shooters were targeting police officers and several have been shot. Some shot dead. Media reports are calling it a sniper situation.

I am skeptical about it being an actual  sniper situation.

BLM claims the tension because a cop shot a black man who was legally carrying a firearm. At this moment, there are conflicting reports about the claim of him "legally" carrying. Of course, if someone is shot by a cop, the cop and the involved police force are going to try to make their kill seem provoked and warranted. Sometimes the police are right. Sometimes the police are wrong.

The problem is, when the police are wrong, the officers who murder and commit other crimes rarely get punished. And in the unlikely event that they do get punished, it's almost never as severe as a common citizen would get punished.

But here's the catch...

Shooting innocent police officers for the crimes of others is equally as wrong as kingshit cops killing innocent blacks for the crimes of others.

That's why I call BLM a terrorist organization. If it were simply a vigilante organization, they would kill the cops in question. Killing the killer cops would be the logical and sensible thing to do, based on BLM's  claims, from their point of view.

The most disturbing noise is the silence coming from the White House. To quote Metallica... "all the pieces fall to his wish." The Community Organizer in Chief wants this strife. Because strife warrants martial law. Martial law allows for more government control. And everything Obama has ever done in office points toward more government control. It's a play out of the playbook, Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky.  Part 8 in the list below:

And the beat goes on...

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