Monday, July 18, 2016

7 Alpha Traits?

7 Traits of an Alpha Male. Interesting meme, and I'm sure the book has some merit, too. However, there are some misleading statements here. Let's take a closer look. For simplicity, let's use Heartiste's ALPHA - BETA dichotomy model.

Helpful, but not condescending
A true ALPHA is helpful, but can also be condescending. In fact, one of the three main methods of passing a shit-test is to ridicule and reframe. An ALPHA won't always be condescending, but will be when you warrant it (men) or ask for it (women).

Confident, but not cocky
Outright false. An ALPHA is confident to the point of cocky when in his element. However, an ALPHA is also brutally honest with himself. If he finds himself in an unknown environment, he may have to simply settle for confidence.

Vain, but not conceited
The conceited part depends. If the ALPHA is just with his boys, then true. However, if a woman of interest or potential interest is in range, then this is absolutely not true.

Proud, but not arrogant
This, too, is false. The ALPHA blows his own horn when needed without apology. This directly contradicts the meme maker's definition of arrogant.

Humble, but not self-loathing
Absolutely correct.

Tolerant, but not weak
True, but with limitations on what is tolerated. An ALPHA understands that there are different people, religions, and politics. However, an ALPHA also understands that just as surely as he allows them to exist, he expects them not to infringe on him, either.

Dedicated, but not obsessed
Teue, but with a caveat. If a man has an obsession that is of benefit, and if this draws the man away from social interaction, and if the man is otherwise a bona-fide ALPHA, then you may have a (Heartiste) renegade ALPHA - aka a Sigma.

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