Friday, June 24, 2016

Why Do Democrats Hate Gays?

Recently, a shooter entered an Orlando gay bar and opened fire, killing 50 and wounding at least that many more. This shooter was a  registered Democrat. he was also Muslim (no surprise there). My friend, Lefty, points out who  will blame whom.

This made me think... why do Democrats hate gays? Conservatives and right wingers generally leave gay folks alone and let them live their lives as they wish. Democrats actively seek to make gays lives harder.

We all know that Democrats are the ones pushing for more "refugees." These people are militant Islamists who wish to kill gays. See above story for proof!

Many major Democrats, including their presumptive  Presidential Candidate, were against gay marriage before they were for it. You cannot trust their opinions on the topic. And let's face it, the only reason a person will lie to another is because they don't care about that person.

Speaking of marriage, why did Democrats champion gay marriage? Civil unions were working fine. By making gay marriage the law of the land, all that has been accomplished is the ability of one gay person to drag another through the hell that is family court. I wouldn't wish that on anyone. Democrats once again prove they hate gays by wanting them to suffer in court.

On to another topic - defending one's self. Most gays are against gun control. Yet Democrats push hard for gun control. One might speculate that Democrats really don't want gays (or blacks, for that matter) to be able to defend themselves.

So why is it, my libtarded friends, that you hate gays so much?

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