Friday, June 10, 2016

The Real Villains Among Us

It has been said that the most dangerous creature on earth is a fake friend. Those that have voted for Republicans, only to see them turned liberal when they get to government know this all too well. Often, these sorts will be called wolves in sheep's clothing, and with just cause.

This article illustrates the point with great clarity. A wolf in sheep's clothing to be sure. Someone who is not only willing to compromise our rights away, but who actively seeks the opportunity to do so. So, following are some excerpts from the article, and translations into honest English for all the world to see the deception.

(Quotes from the article in italics; honest translations in bold.)

But I’m not one of those types who believe that any common sense approach to solving a problem is always trumped by the Second Amendment.
I do not believe in the Second Amendment.

I wouldn’t hold a hearing on them because it would have been taken by some very extreme gun rights groups — not the NRA, but the fringe groups — they would have used the mere fact that we held a hearing as a fundraising tool.
The "gun lobby" is one of the smallest lobbies in the land, and what little monies it generates are insignificant on a national level, much less a state level as this politician is trying to create spin about.

I had no intention of allowing them the pleasure of convincing folks that I was holding a hearing on something that I knew would never pass.
I knew I'd not be re-elected if I pushed for this.

Let’s talk about good legislation. It keeps guns away from criminals and, at the same time, does not step on the toes of law-abiding citizens.
Let's push legislation that further marginalizes rights, instead of outright black-and-white infringements that will make voters mad enough to do something about crooks like me.

We still have gun-free zones, for example, despite the constant suggestion that they are are a bad idea. I don’t think it’s sensible to do away with the notion that there are places we don’t want people carrying guns.
See? See! I want marginalization. I'll package it as common sense, even though it's not based on fact, but rather on feelings.

We passed a law several years ago to prevent the mentally ill from purchasing weapons. Some viewed it as a form of gun control. But I don’t think you should be able to walk out of a mental hospital, and then buy a firearm.
But let's not dig too deep on who is authorized to say someone else is mentally ill or what degree of mental illness should be the litmus test. Because I'm intent on marginalizing your rights.

I also recently sponsored domestic violence legislation that created quite a furor. I don’t believe people who threaten to kill their family members or spouses should have access to weapons. ... If someone is considered to be a threat after a court hearing, the judge ought to have the discretion to have that person surrender their weapons.
If I can get you to allow yourself to be marginalized here, then every argument that every couple has will label both parties as domestic violence offenders... then nobody can have a gun!

Permitless carry has been pushed now for a number of years in South Carolina. I don’t agree with it.
I believe that if you do have a right, the State ought to be able to take it away from you and sell it back to you.

First, I believe that the training component, which is required when you obtain a concealed carry permit, is essential.
But just ignore how much training our police officers don't have.

It’s also called “constitutional carry,” which implies permitless carry is a right. I don’t get that.
I'd rather it be regulated by the State - because then, permission can be taken away at a whim (forget about due process) and it can be made to generate revenue.

Folks, even if you do not read the responses in bold; a look at the words in italics, separated from their fluffy brethren designed to make the excrement more palatable, yields a very dark manifesto. If liberals truly represent the rights of the minorities, then they should be appalled at this conservative, as he wishes to take away the rights of the smallest minority - the individual. If conservatives truly embrace freedom, then they should replace this fraud, as he truly wishes to marginalize, regulate, and tax freedom.

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