Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Tale of Two Families

As I wrote this, I was sitting in a hotel breakfast area, and scheduled this to post more than a week later. I observed two families eating breakfast, and this is a bit unusual, as the typical folks I see are businessmen and women without their families. I made some interesting observations of these two families.

Note: for this article, I shall use the Heartiste "alpha-beta" dichotomy model, and not the Alpha Game  alpha-beta-delta-gamma-omega heirarchy model.

Family 1:
Two children, about 7 & 5. They are running around everywhere causing a commotion. Father is (not surprisingly) an overweight beta who is pleading with the children to behave.

Family 2:
Three children, approximate ages 8, 5, and 3. All sit at the table respectfully. They speak, but are using "inside-voices" and all remain in their seats. Father is in great shape, and speaks to his children respectfully, but is also clearly the alpha in charge.

Side note - one family is black, one is white. Can you guess which one?

Not surprisingly, Family 1 left a huge mess for the attendants to have to clean. It took two attendants over five minutes to get things back in order. Family 2? One attendant wiped down their tables in a total of 30 seconds. Again, none of this should come as a surprise.

Family 1 - father is afraid of the mother, as evidenced by several behavioral traits. He is constantly seeking her "guidance" on every suggestion to his children and course of action.

Family 2 - father is "Captain" and mother is "First Officer." Father tells the family what they will do next, and the children obey without hesitation, and mother helps the youngest do so. When he tells then what's next, it is not a barked order, it is a quiet statement.

We need more of Family 2 - in all races. And it starts by having more men like Father 2. Be like him. Make the day great!

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