Monday, June 27, 2016

She Almost Got It

Note: for today's entry, use the ALPHA - BETA dichotomy model from Heartiste.

This article from Everyday Feminism caught my eye on Facebook a few weeks ago. Titled The real Reason Women Smile At Men Who Harass Us. The author gives example after example of things she says have happened to her, and how smiling and engaging with men who harass her has been her way of escaping unharmed.

It didn't all happen like that
In reality, it is highly unlikely all these things have happened to her. More likely is that the author has gleaned individual anecdotes from multiple sources and fit them within her own narrative.

Blame game
The author blames men who advise her to just ignore the harassment because they haven't lived the harassment. In fact, her tone toward these men is downright bitchy. She hates them because they are the BETAS in her life that she desperately wishes would act like real men.

Drunk behavior
Now, it is entirely possible that some drunk might catcall a woman who is out obviously with another man. Drunks are much more likely to do things the sober person might take a pass on.

The BETA factor
The others this author speaks of? They must have spotted the fact that she was with a real loser - total BETA (Alpha-Game gamma). A real man by her side would have verbally put the harasser in his place immediately and would not have feared coming to blows if that's what it took. Of course, a real man would demonstrate his worth physically with body language and that would have warned off challengers.

Falsely lumped in
Of course, there's also the strong likelihood that in many instances, the "harassment" was a man making a legitimate pass at her, and she was kind because she enjoyed it.

So, the author is correct in her summary: "The truth is, we don't have the luxury to ignore harassment. We engage, we're kind, because that's what keeps us safe."
- It keeps you safe when your BETA date cannot.
- It is your way of being a strong, independent woman. (Read with much sarcasm)
- It is your response to legitimate propositions.
- It makes for a feminist article.
- You really wish you could land a real ALPHA male.

Besides, a woman who does not engage and cannot be kind... that's no lady at all. And you know it.

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