Friday, June 17, 2016

Say What?

Picture this:

A 350-pound+ land whale.

She proudly proclaims she will not "serve" any man when the conversation is about one of the ladies present serving her husband a cold bottle of water.

She protests another female taking the initiative to deliver the water - because said female will not "give [the man] a hard enough time."

She points out several times that she is nearly 40 years old. It must be bothering her.

She points out several times that she is single. That, too, must bother her.

She proudly proclaims that her son is "ADHD." Is this really any surprise?

Is the fact that these all came from the same person any surprise at all?

When I was young, my father described a few (a very few) females as hating men. Of course, I had my doubts at the time. Those days are over. Women who hate men most are the ones who think men get all the special treatment, yet try to act like men themselves and are forever unhappy for it.

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  1. Just tonight I watched a video of Watters' World wherein Jesse Watters interviewed a few 'women' outside a NOW convention. The above describes the video perfectly.


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