Monday, June 20, 2016

#NeverTrump Will Never Win

Saw this on FB the other day -
Those who say there would be no difference between Trump and Hillary are the same people that thought that Romney and Obama would be the same.

I firmly disagree. 
Primarily, my disagreement is based on the fact that nobody I know who felt Romney and Obama are the same is saying this... me included. Most of the folks saying this are cuckservatives. And we know that the cuckservatives were perfectly happy with Romney. Romney is the cuckservative posterboy.

Additionally, there is a small but vocal faction of Cruz fans who are saying there's no difference between Trump and Hillary. These people have a fervor I admire, but their statement is not based in truth. When made by a Cruz Crewman, this statement is sour grapes.

Another time you might hear that "Trump is no different than Hillary" is from Libertarians. Sadly, the Libertarian party has recently  devolved ... sometimes into an outright freakshow. But the Libertarian claim here is completely without merit since the nomination of David French as their VP candidate. French is bona-fide cuckservative, through and through.


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