Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Make America Great Again

Found via Facebook recently was this photo. Of course, the attempt is to undermine Donald Trump's message of Make America Great Again.

A natural reply would be to refute or explain each of these things one by one. That's not for today, though.

Another natural reply would be to take a look at the person who shared this, and point out how often he shared anti-American or racist memes. That's not for today, either.

Instead, let's focus on making America great again.
Yes, Americans once participated in genocide and conquest. More recently, we were a country that defended against same. 
Yes, we once hung women for suspected witchcraft. More recently, we were among the first countries to recognize a woman's right to vote.
Yes, we once practiced slavery - most places did in the 1800's. More recently, we have liberated oppressed people from economic slavery.
Yes, we ignored the Holocaust for a short period of time before responding. More recently we have prevented other Holocausts from ever starting.
Yes, we dropped bombs on Japan and interred Japanese folk in America. And more recently, we have actively fought such injustices elsewhere in the world.
Yes, we sent thousands of men to die in Vietnam and Iraq and Afghanistan. We do this because we have learned from our mistakes in the past, and we cannot bear that someone else might not have a voice in the world. We cannot tolerate evil. And to do something about it - something we haven't done in 7 1/2 years - is the very definition of making America great again.

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