Thursday, June 9, 2016

Leftist Lunacy

Reading an article posted on Steven Crowder's Facebook page some time back about a couple who waited until marriage to have sex. The overwhelming number of the responses were positive. A handful were full of hate and vitriol.

Those handful of comments were all by women... women who did not wait until marriage. These women all accused the author of the article of "being on a high horse" or demonstrating "judgmental tones." Of course, it was a case of the lady who doth protest too much, methinks.

Liberal hypocrisy knows no bounds.
And while the comments above may not have all been made by liberals, the mindset is more common on that side of the aisle. Of course, there is the occasional cuckservative who wants his daughter to grow up to be a strong, independent woman, or something similar. Most of these are just low intelligence folks who have been brainwashed by the media. Of course, that's not substantially different than the liberals, I suppose.

But how, exactly, do we see this liberal hypocrisy in action?
Here's a list of some common ways:

Example 1 - Gun Control
Liberal says: "Guns are only useful for killing people."

The Liberal's true thoughts: "If I had a gun like that, I would only want to kill people with it. Probably conservatives. Maybe liberals who aren't liberal enough. Definitely someone who hurts my feelings. But yeah, I'd definitely kill several people with it. Therefore, all people with guns only want to kill other people with those guns."

Example 2 - Abortion
Liberal says: "Abortion is a women's rights issue. Her body, her choice."

The Liberal's true thoughts: "A woman (me?) who made a choice she regrets should now have the choice to undo that error, even if it means killing someone who doesn't deserve to die. But, I don't want her (me?) Held responsible for that first choice, because that would be so very inconvenient."

Example 3 - "Refugees"
Liberal says: "We should accept refugees with open arms."

The Liberal's true thoughts: "I want to be accepted for my antisocial behavior with open arms so I can get more attention! Plus, these Muslim militants are scary... maybe if I accept them, they will see that I mean them no harm and they will spare me when they start their raping and killing sprees."

Example 4 - Afraid of XYZ
Liberal says: "You're  just afraid of (Muslims / gays / strong, independent women /etc.)."

The Liberal's true thoughts: "I am afraid of (Muslims / gays / strong, independent women /etc.), but definitely afraid of you!"

Many liberals do not speak of their positions unless and until they find an "opposing" viewpoint on conservative media. Let's say that again, for clarity - liberals read through conservative media, looking for talking points. I do not read liberal outlets, and most conservatives I know don't, either.  Liberals know the truth, they seek the truth, then they knowingly rebel against the truth.

Almost all liberal objections are based on the liberal's own personal character flaws. They are acutely aware that they have these flaws. Instead of taking steps to overcome these fkaws, they accuse others of having the same flaws. That, friends, is the definition of psychological projection, a psychological defense mechanism.

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  1. Shazbot! You are speaking the truth. Shame that it will never be acknowledged.
    Sucks to be rational...


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