Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Can't Drive Straight

Not a report story, but it happened in my car rental days and it was funny.

I was renting a car to a lady whose regular ride was in the shop. Not unusual. The rental car, depicted by the red car in this drawing, was parked in "Stall #1." Right next to it, on the right, was a concrete sidewalk, six inches off the ground. The renter and I both walked up on it, and down on the pavement as we circled the car in a pre-rental inspection.

The renter noted aloud: "I'd better be careful of that sidewalk when I pull out!"

Me: "Yes, ma'am. Good news is you can drive straight ahead to get on the street."

Renter: "I see that. Good!"

She got in the car, and for some reason I still have not figured out to this day, she cut the wheel sharply to the right and drove right up onto the sidewalk.

I felt like Bill Engvall: here's your sign.

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