Monday, April 11, 2016

Trump on Life

My friend, Lefty, has a superb article on the pro-life stance of Donald Trump. A short time ago, Trump stated that he would, if he could, make abortion illegal. Of course, he also stated that he would have punishments not only for the doctor performing the abortion,  but also for the woman. later, he clarified to say he wouldn't have the woman punished.

Suppose the hypothetical people, Mike and Mark, commit a murder. If Mike holds the victim down while Mark cuts the victim's throat, they are both guilty of murder. Punishment should be doled out on both Mike and Mark.

Similarly, if a woman and a doctor conspire to murder an unborn infant, both parties should be punished. If you want abortion to stop, there has to be a penalty for all parties involved.

Just like there should be a punishment for companies that hire illegal immigrants - punish the illegal immigrant, and punish the employer.

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