Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Of Mice And Men

Observed on Facebook -
Lessons I've learned - if you can't work with someone to find solutions - don't get married

This whole " I'm the man" business is bull - that is not what God intended - so you could be selfish the rest of your life Smile

This quoted from a 42 year-old woman in the middle of dissolving her 3rd marriage. She has four children by the three different fathers. I first met her in high school... there's a reason you don't marry the batshit crazy redheads.

Also, it seems she missed entirely Ephesians 5.

She clearly wants a mouse, not a man. But the irony is, if she's not careful, she will only wind up with a bunch of cats.

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  1. If people would just live their lives according to Ephesians 5, they could have a perfect marriage.


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