Thursday, April 7, 2016

Feminist Irony

There is a LOT of irony to be found in the world of feminism. However, those of rational mind should be thankful for today's irony.

All throughout human history, it has been standard to be able to identify what group an individual belongs to by that individual's uniform. Even the name uniform directly indicates a similar or standard look.

Feminists are no different. They certainly have a uniform appearance. Most are obese. Most wear outlandish colors either in makeup or hair color. The photos above demonstrate the look.

The irony is that this look, this tribal look, is just that - a throwback to our tribal days. And the tribe is the very root of patriarchy. And patriarchy is the very thing that feminists claim to hate (yet cannot exist without).

Some other tribes -

A modern "tribe" of US Navy SEALs.

A Scottish clan.
Note: "clan" and "tribe" are synonymous.

An Aboriginal tribe.

Thank you, feminists, for showing your tribe in full, colorful displays. It's helps identify you. It shows that you need a structure. It shows that you need to belong, just like all other humans. And it just so happens that the structure you seek is best provided by patriarchal implements.

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