Thursday, April 14, 2016

Eat Meat

Some people try really hard to avoid being what they are. Of course, there is an entire spectrum of how much time, effort, and energy they will spend trying to deny their own humanity. This blog will have a small series of posts detailing some of the more common subjects on the matter. If you would like to see one in particular, simply email your request.

First up - eating meat.
Humans have historically derived most of their nutrition from meat. Modern hunter-gatherers get at least 60% of their nutrition  from meat. Some estimates put meat consumption closer to 85% of historical human caloric intake. There are entire societies that subsist entirely on meat (Eskimos come to mind). Yet, nowhere in human history do we see success (or even many societies based around) vegetarian or vegan diets.

Indeed, if you take a creature designed to eat meat, and force it to eat something else, no good will come of it.  These vegetarians nearly killed their pet cat by trying to force it into eating a vegetarian diet. Carnivores need to eat meat. Bad things happen when they don't.

Many modern illnesses and health concerns originate with improper diet -
Obesity, diabetes, vitamin deficiencies, mental health issues, hyperactivity disorders, and all manners of problems arise when we stray from our dietary ideal. Not only that, but vegetarian diets do not, in fact, bring the benefits  they claim.

So, eat meat. Reap the rewards.

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