Tuesday, April 19, 2016

5 Lies About Return of Kings

A few months ago, Return of Kings had to cancel scheduled meet-ups of its readers due to safety concerns. Militant feminists, frightened that the truth about their "cause" might come out, organized potentially violent protests. Further, the feminists used their control of the media to spread false information about ROK readers. Many otherwise decent people were fooled.

So here are five of the biggest lies you might have led to believe:

5. Roosh V. lives "in his mommy's basement."
Roosh planned to attend the Washington DC meeting. As such, he took the opportunity to see his mother as a part of his visit, as he had been living abroad.

4. ROK readers hate women.
There is a difference - a HUGE difference - between hating something and seeing it for what it really is. Feminists fear the latter - that men see them, and women in general, as they really are. Everything and everyone has negative qualities as well as redeeming qualities - women included. The fact is that feminism has many more negative and anti-social qualities than positive, and feminists know this and want to hide this from you.

3. ROK readers are basement dwelling losers.
The fact is that most ROK readers are men who are actively trying to improve themselves: mentally, physically, spirituality, and socially. Many earn in excess of the national average income. Many are above average in physical health. Feminists just hate that so many are men.

2. The meet-ups were "pro-rape" rallies.
Real reason for the meet ups? To discuss things that matter to men. And that's why feminists were against the meet ups - they weren't the center of attention.

1. ROK is "pro-rape."
Really, at this point, if you need this debunked, then your verification skills suck. If you are still spouting this, then you are either grossly misinformed or you are on a mission of intentional, wanton misinformation. Really - what is your motivation?

Today, there are many people going around, embarrassed they were fooled into thinking these things. Some reposted things on social media without validation or verification, and have since deleted such posts. And if someone hasn't gone back and deleted these reblogs, shares, retweets, etc., then it's easy to (correctly) presume this person is just not intelligent, or lazy, or on a mission. Or maybe, some combination thereof.

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