Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Yesterday, Trump won Arizona, which mattered in terms of delegates. Cruz won Utah, which didn't matter in terms of delegates.

If Trump wins California, New york, and Connecticut,  he will possess a majority of delegates regardless of the outcomes in other states. Right now, Trump leads by 17% or more in each state.

Yesterday, I learned that Ted Cruz has picked up the endorsement of Jeb Bush. I'm pretty sure he didn't want that.

Yesterday there was a coordinated terrorist attack in Brussels. Dozens are dead and hundreds wounded. Obunghole watched a baseball game in Cuba with a Communist dictator. We need leadership and are only 10 months away from having it.

Of course, it was the "Religion of Peace" that was responsible for the killings. And people wonder why Trump is winning on a platform of eliminating illegal immigration and disallowing Muslim "refugees."

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