Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Vote Trump Today

Today is March 1. Election Tuesday in many places. I voted for trump. You should, too. But, you say you've heard reasons not to vote for him... how are these objections overcome? Well, let's sum up some of the more common objections and see if any trees develop...

"Trump is all about Trump."
Yes he is. And if you think that's not true about every other candidate in this race, then I've got some ocean front property to sell you - in Arizona.

"Trump is Racist"
Tell me, what race has he spoken out against? Really, though, if you get all your news from liberal outlets, that's the first thing you need to fix.

"I just don't like him."
This one is usually spouted by liberal feminists. If you are a liberal feminist, why are you here? You need to vote for Bernie. Yes, liberal feminists who "hate out of touch politicians" want to vote for a white man who has been in office since the Lincoln administration.
If you are a woman who does not consider herself a liberal feminist - stop repeating their stuff if that's not who you are. You don't want people to mistake you for that ugliness, do you?
If you are a man who does not consider himself a liberal feminist - please show some balls, kind sir. Until you do, consider yourself bitch-slapped. Whatcha gonna do about it?

"I just don't get him."
If you are a woman, and this answer is yours, prepare for harsh truths. You are above the line on the Hot-Crazy Matrix. There's a 95% chance your looks are below a 5 to begin with. If you are a 6 or 7, then a) please send a photo for proof because that's a bold claim, and b) rest assured: you are cray-cray. Seriously, you are likely single and cannot figure out why, and /  or you are lesbian or have experimented with it.
You've never been able to get the attention of the alpha-male, and it bothers you deep down. You loathe them because you want them, but cannot have them. That's why you don't get them.
If you are a man and this is your answer - read the "Graduating Gamma" series by Alpha-Game. Please do all of society a favor and refrain from voting, attending parties you are accidentally invited to, and commenting online until you read all of those articles.

"Trump has changed his stance on xxx"
And Trump has admitted it. And so did Reagan. Have you ever changed your stance on something?

"He Whines Too Much"
Donald Trump demands respect. In a society all to eager to show disrespect, this is a defiant move. It's also proof of his natural leadership. You will note that he does not retaliate when he is not being (unfairly) attacked. Besides, both the Democrats and the Republican establishment hate him. That should be enough.

"So much vitriol."
Whom does he hate? What does he hate?
Short answer - that which is trying to destroy our country. If you really think it's vitriol, then I suggest you really don't like America and what she stands for. Perhaps it is you who demonstrate too much vitriol. Projection.
And if you're not projecting, then you simply do not like what America has always been. Maybe another country would be more suitable for you?

There you have it.
Now, go vote for the only real leader in this race.

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  1. I tried to vote for Trump, but they wouldn't let me across the border. ;)


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