Monday, March 14, 2016

Representative Conservatism

The United States was not founded as a democracy. It was founded as a representative Republic. The founders knew that every democracy will destroy itself once the 51% realize they can take whatever from the 49%. So, they set things up as a representative form of government with layers.

Property owners could vote. They represented the people they cared for.
Black property owners could vote (though not always).
Women property owners could vote (though not always).
White male property owners could vote (though not always).
Property owners paid property taxes, so they had stake in the game when it came to voting. They looked out for their own interests to be sure, but also the interests of the people for whom they cared, as well as neighbors and others whom they held in high regards. Not always, but often, these factors weighed in on whom the property owner elected.

Layers of Representation
At the Federal level, here's how elections went:
Local voters elected a Congressman.
Local voters elected a state legislature.
State legislatures elected two senators from each state.
Local voters elected delegates... these delegates would vote for a President.
A President would nominate, and the Senate vote on, Supreme Court justices.
A President would nominate, and the House vote on, lower court appointed justices.

These are ideals worth conserving. We have strayed, and our country will self destruct if we do not correct it.

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