Sunday, March 6, 2016

Fight Recap

Wow, what a night of fights!

I totally blew it on my two predictions. Both Holm and McGregor were defeated via rear naked choke (RNC) - hadaka jime

Of the fights, here's how to win:
4 matches were won via KO / TKO.
5 matches were won via decision. Only 1 decision was questionable.
1 match was won via arm triangle choke - kata gatame.
2 matches were won via RNC - hadaka jime.

Of note, the two best strikers were defeated by people with above-average (but not outstanding) grappling skill. That said, knockouts are real and common.

Jiu-jitsu is best for self defense.
Boxing is second best for self defense. 


  1. Miesha Tate is the BEST wrestler in women's mma, brother. Rousey is NOT a takedown artist, she's a judo tosser. Rousey lost to Holm because she doesn't have takedowns, just throws. Miesha beat Holly because she has good wrestling and a solid chin, combined with a huge dose of heart (which we know cannot be taught or learned). Additionally, Nate Diaz is probably one of the best BJJ practitioners in the sport, we just don't see much of it because he loves getting hit in the face apparently. Both he and Tate are at the top of the game when it comes to getting it to the ground and working there. Just my opinion, as a guy who has spent most of his adult life (42 years old, ugh) moonlighting as a bouncer and wrestling coach, and watching mma since 1993. Even took a fight in a no-holds-barred tournament at an indian reservation back in 1999, which paid a pricely sum of $125.00. I love your mma analysis and martial arts commentary, I just wanted to disagree with you on this one. Keep 'em coming!

  2. Good point. Perhaps a better way for me to have said it would be that Rousey is a Judo throw artist. We don't know much about her wrestling style takedowns or lack thereof. And those are a big part of MMA and self defense.


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