Saturday, March 5, 2016

Fight Predictions

The fights are set for tonight. Here are my predictions:

Holm - Tate
Tate is not the striker that Holm is. Tate is not the takedown artist that Rousey was (whom Holm defended 100%). Tate might be better on the ground, we don't know - and we probably won't find out.

Holm by KO / TKO in round 2. Likely via a cross (gyaku-zuki) or roundhouse kick (mawashi-geri). 100% confidence.

McGregor - Diaz
Diaz has the jiu-jitsu to make this interesting. Like Holm, McGregor has the boxing skill to not let it get there. Diaz' prime was some time ago, but McGregor's is now.

McGregor via 1st round KO / TKO. 75% confidence.
Diaz via surprise submission. 25% confidence.

A buddy who is better versed in martial arts than most picks Tate tonight. Let's see if he's right.

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