Monday, March 7, 2016

Designated Marksman

Some people actually train and prepare for unfortunate possibilities. SHTF. Localized disasters. Civil unrest. National collapse. Pick your poison. Each has been seen in this generation, save widespread SHTF.

Be prepared.
Buy a rifle, a pistol, and a trainer or two. Buy magazines and ammo. Get a bug out bag, and a tactical loadout.

Training is essential. Build basic skills. Learn your craft. Master your rifle. And your pistol. Shoot straight. Learn to fix them when they malfunction. Learn to transition. Learn to use cover and concealment. Train your body so you can do these things.

Embrace your role, even if it isn't your primary choice. Fulfill it to the best of your ability plus 10%. Learn the basics of other roles on your team. Nobody survives alone. Nobody is guaranteed tomorrow. Sometimes, it's you who doesn't see tomorrow; and sometimes it's your brother. Be prepared for both eventualities. Be ready to fill other shoes when the time comes.

Designated Marksman
That's the role I play. That's my role. Need overwatch? That's me. Need another body on patrol? That's me. Gotta make a shot at 600 that nobody else can make? I'm up. Need marksmanship training for the others? I'm at your call.

Need a medic? I'm cross-trained in that. Need a regular rifleman? I can do that, too. I'll kick in a door. I'll stand watch at the LPOP. Need a fire team leader? I'll do it if you ask.

In training, I make sure that my times and physical feats are always at the top. I'm not #1 at everything - nobody can be - but I'm always top 5. Why? Because my team depends on me. My family and friends depend on my team. And also just because I can.


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