Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Better First Lady

A few friends were speaking the other day about the role of First Lady. To be fair, most First Ladies are well past The Wall, and so comparing based on looks is not 100% fair... with the notable exception of potential First Lady, Melania Trump. But, if one looks deeper, there is something telling in their looks.

If you've ever noticed, Michelle Obama is almost never smiling in pictures, unless it's a designed photo-shoot. Candid photos of the current First Lady tend to capture scowls, grimaces, and "I-want-to-kill-you-with-lasers-from-my-eyes stares."

Of course, if I was married to Barack Obama, I'd similarly be quite upset.

In another point, Michelle Obama has been more visible than I would have expected, seeing as her daughters are both still fairly young. A woman places great priority on rearing her children, and it would seem quite difficult to do so while being in the public eye so very much.

On the other hand, you have would-be First Lady, Melania Trump. She is rarely in the spotlight, as she raises her 9 year old son. When we do get pictures of her, they tell a different story. She is certainly a happy woman.

Though it is satire,  this link details 16 reasons why Melania Trump would make a good First Lady. Of course, the article is trying to poke fun at the fact that she is and was a model. However, Trump takes her role as a wife, mother, and woman seriously enough to keep in shape and look after herself. This is something everyone should do, regardless of gender.

That's another thing - her role as a mother. In the photo above, holding her son, you can see her contentment and satisfaction. She loves being a mother first and foremost. That's a very noble and feminine calling. And she does so with style and grace. And she keeps out of the spotlight so that she can fulfill that role to her best abilities.

Here's a photo of former First Lady, Laura Bush. I was hard pressed to find many photos of her. None of the photos featured an unpleasant face. Certainly past her prime, but definitely classy at the same time.

We haven't had classy people in the White House for 8 years. It's time we change that. Melania Trump is certainly a classy lady, and would bring class back to the role of First Lady.

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