Friday, March 25, 2016

A Man's Job

A reader emailed a question: what jobs are truly masculine?

The simple answer is this - STEM jobs, manual labor, law enforcement, military, sales, firefighting, and only a handful of others.

For example
A friend is a weatherman. His degree would be in meteorology. That's science, and the job is science related. That's a masculine job.

Another friend is in security (law enforcement) and had served in the US Marine Corps. Both qualify.

Yet another friend is in sales. Certainly does qualify.

The "on the fence"
In doing research for this article, a couple of jobs came up as being touted as masculine by some, while other sources said they were not masculine:

The first was accounting.  60% of accountants are women.
Therefore, accounting and related jobs (auditing, etc.) are not masculine jobs.

Statistician - this is the only math field dominated by women.
Not a masculine job.

Actuary - per the link above, 70% of actuaries are male. Unlike statistics (fundamental mathematics), actuarial studies are heavy math and not very easy.
Definitely a masculine job.

The "nots"
Teachers are overwhelmingly female. Not masculine.
Exception - collegiate level or higher professorships teaching STEM subjects.

Nurses - over 90% of RNs are female.  Not masculine.
Exception: Medical Doctor is certainly masculine.

Secretary / office assistant / administrative assistant - 96% female. Not masculine.

If you have other jobs to question, submit them for review.


  1. Replies
    1. 95% of pilots are men. Training is heavy in math and science. Many pilots received their training in the military.
      Definitely masculine.

  2. What an arrogant sumbitch you are. I teach 4th grade and have for 6 years. Played football for HS and college and could outshoot you 99 time out of 100. Not to mention whip your skinny ass at grappling any day you wanted to try

    1. Hi, Joe. I see Patricia is at work on this fine Saturday.


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