Friday, January 15, 2016

Liberals Are Children

When I was first married, I'd run out late one night on an errand. When I returned to the apartment, the door was locked and my wife had applied the chain lock, as well. I was able to open the door a couple of inches before the chain caught and prevented the door from opening further.

I called into the apartment for my wife to come unlock me. However, my wife had gone to sleep in the bedroom. She couldnt hear me. Now I was a strong young man and was fully capable of destroying the chain with a single thrust. However, that would surely have damaged the door and we would, no doubt, have lost our deposit when we left that apartment.

So I drove to a phone booth (this was prior to widespread cell phone use) and called my apartment. My wife answered in a groggy state. She said she would be awake when I got back to unlock the chain.

She wasnt.

I went back to the phone booth and called again. She promised she would be awake this time, but I knew better. I told her to go to the door and unlock it. She didn't want to - afraid someone might break in between the time she unlocked the door and when I would arrive home (no more than 2 minutes at most). She agreed to go wait by the door and unlock it when I knocked.

I returned to the apartment to find she'd never gotten out of bed... and she had passed back out. Naturally, she couldn't hear me this time, either.

So I went to the phone booth for the third time. My wife was adamant that this time would be different. This time she wouldn't fall back asleep. I couldn't risk it - I was running out of quarters. I ordered her to go to the door at that instant and unlock the chain. My wife protested: what if someone broke in? I told her that was a risk she now was going to be forced to take because she had not been responsible with her assignments the first two times. She was to go to the door right then and unlock the chain.

She did so, and I was finally able to get in to my apartment without damaging anything.

The moral to this story is not to throw my wife under the bus, but rather to point out that we cannot let fear dictate our actions.

Had my wife been awake and rational, she would have realized I couldn't get in with the chain locked... and she never would have locked it. In her drowsy state, she was more prone to emotive response than rational, and so she feared assault within a two-minute window. She couldn't understand that I could not get back in.

This is how liberals, women, and gammas work - they do their "thinking" with their emotions, and not their brains. It is our responsibility to provide strong leadership and be unswayed by their emotional appeals. Logic must rule the day.

By the way, in the conversation with my wife all those years ago - how did I "order" her to the door? First, I told her she lost her privilege of having the chain locked because she refused to unlock it for me. Second, I told her in no uncertain terms that she was to stand up and go to the door that very instant to unlock the chain. She was to report back to me when it was completed and she was forbidden to re-lock the door with the chain.

Yes, it's how one might talk to a child. In my wife's sleepy state, it was the only thing that would work. And so is the case with women, gammas, and liberals. They must be treated as the children they are, unless and until they demonstrate the maturity of using logic... not just once... but repeatedly and consistently.

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