Thursday, January 7, 2016

Liberal Children

Many moons ago...

My sister has a lifelong friend (LF). There are literally pictures of them in the cradle together, all the way up to current day events. As a function of difference of age, I did not happen to see her from the time she was about 12 until she was in her mid-twenties. At the earlier end, I began college. As soon as I graduated, I married and moved away.

After the meeting that took place in her mid-twenties, she remarked to my sister (in print, no less): "your brother has really calmed down."

The irony of LF's statement was not lost on me:
All throughout school, even as a wee lad, I received marks of "plays well with others," and "very serious and studious." School teachers I've reunited with, to a man will all remark that I was so serious and adult-like. My martial arts instructor, Sensei Suarez, has made the same remark on more than one occasion. Many high school friends,  upon reuniting, comment that I haven't changed a bit.

So why the different perception?

Well, if a rock hasn't changed, but it looks different,  you must be looking at it from a different angle.

It is well known that girls mature faster than boys. However, that faster maturation comes with a cost. Namely (from the link) - 
The difference between men and women in maturity, however, is that while females mature earlier in life, they also stop maturing at around the age of eighteen, as Schopenhauer aptly observes. And while men don’t catch up to women’s maturity until they reach around age twenty-eight, after that the men keep maturing - often throughout their entire lives.
Emphasis is mine.

It's not only plausible, it's entirely likely that LF's pre-pubescent mind saw certain things in one light, and her mature mind saw things a different way. For further evidence, LF was actually quite the wild child herself. Indeed, this carried through to her twenties, wherein she was married and divorced twice and had two children by two different men (one of whom was actually one of her husbands).

The purpose of this post is to point out more evidence of a fact we already know - feminists, liberals, and SJWs always lie, always project, and always emote as opposed to reason. LF is all three - liberal, feminist, and SJW.

This, and other reasons are why LF and those like her ought not be allowed to vote, and must be treated as the children they are.

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