Thursday, January 14, 2016

It's Not Common Sense

From a Libtard commenting on the President's executive orders on "gun control" -

True question, not trying to be snarky, but really wanting to hear, those of you who are opposed to common sense legislation, what specifically do you have a problem with? What part of the President's positions do you not agree with?

Actually, that's a good question.

1. The executive orders are unconstitutional.
Therefore, I have a disagreement with the way the President handled this. If you want a law, it goes through Congress and the Senate. But, that brings us to the second point...

2. Rights cannot be infringed.
A law is unconstitutional if it infringes or strips a right from an individual that is specifically protected in the Constitution. Therefore, no act of Congress could strip or infringe upon this (or any other) right. But, Obama knew he'd never get these orders through Congress anyways.

3. Criminals won't be affected.
Even if we completely disregarded points 1 and 2 (which cannot be disregarded), these changes still will not take any guns out of the hands of criminals. If anything, these edicts will only make a small number of transactions slightly more difficult between law-abiding citizens. In other words, these executive orders don't do anything.

4. These orders were not targeted at criminals.
This is the other side of the coin of point 3. One side is that only the law abiding are affected. The other side is that the criminals are not affected. This does not prevent crime. This only makes a few more things out to be "crimes." (If these orders stand up to the legal litmus test in court.)

5. Why not address the real problem?
- More people die in car crashes each year in the US than by guns.
- More people in the US die by medical malpractice than by guns.
- More people in the US die by blunt objects than by guns.
- More people in the US die by fists and feet than by guns.

Where are the executive orders on these???

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