Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Feminism Doesn't Work

One of the main reason that feminists are always so angry, is a very simple study. They are against concepts that have worked for the history of humanity. And they are in favor of mindsets and methodologies that simply do not work.

Feminists are against the patriarchy.
The funny thing here is the fact that no society has ever survived without a patriarchy of some sort. Even the Founding Fathers of the United States saw fit to put into position a president... at a time when most of them were most angry at a king!

Feminists are against natural gender roles.
For all of human history, man has provided, and woman has beared and reared children. Feminists believe in the "strong, independent woman." And they don't even see the irony when that "independence" happens because a man is paying thousands of dollars a month in alimony and child support.

Feminists despise men.
Indeed, feminists despise all that is the very essence of humanity as a whole. The only women that they attack are the women who wish to bear and raise children... which is the single greatest role a woman can play on this planet. Similarly, feminists hate men because they see all of the advantages men might have without taking into account all of the disadvantages to being a man.

People who try desperately to avoid reality wind up being the most unhappy people on the planet.
- Humans are meat eaters, and those who eat grains wind up being very unhappy. Even their health suffers as a result.
- Humans are pack animals. Those who resist social interaction wind up being very unhappy. Even their health suffers as a result.
- Humans, being pack animals, seek leadership. Those who deny proper leadership wind up unhappy. Even their health suffers as a result.
- Humans are created in God's image. Those that deny God wind up being unhappy. Even their health suffers as result.

Feminists try desperately to avoid reality at every turn.
Because of this, they wind up being unhappy. Even their health suffers as a result.

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  1. Just last night in conversation me elderly mum revealed a shocking thing to me. In the 1980s there was trouble in her marriage with my dad. So mother sought out a therapist. In what became their last session, this therapist summarized mom's life since her childhood. This therapist made special note that mom was happy up until she married. At that point her life changed and not for the better. In mom's words, this therapist told her that she had, "given up a lot for this man. That it is very important that you regain the happiness that came from your individuality, and that will probably involve acting more like when you were not married." This said to a married (25 years at that point in time) woman with four children. The hubris knows no bounds. Yes, blame the man for everything. Just prior to mom telling me of this she said she has something to say but that I should not become angry upon hearing it. The ability to see through the BS is not reserved to one gender, both are equally capable. That is, if they avoid drinking Kool Aid.


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