Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Who Goes to the Doctor?

A recent trip to the doctor's office with the wife yielded some useful information regarding an insight. It was to be witnessed that there were 10 women in the waiting area at one time or another and not a single man who was there for his own appointment. Some of the women were visibly ill and some weren't.

This corroborated thoughts that had been swirling around in my head for days. It's a connection between facts... an explanation of "why."

But, I repeat myself. The two are so closely intertwined it's not even funny. Why do so many women turn to these mindsets? There are many contributing factors, so I'll touch on each. But look for the main ones, down the page a bit further.

Our modern grain - based diet promotes physical and mental disorders. If we start with the acknowledgement that liberalism is a mental disorder, then it explains a lot.

People eat things that weren't meant to be people food, then need drugs to combat the side effects. Not surprising when you view it that way. This is definitely a contributing factor to feminist and liberal minded folks. In fact, when was the last time you met a feminist or female liberal that wasn't heavily  medicated? It's ok, I'll wait... after I finish the rest of this article.

Know any conservative professors? Oh, that one? Women are biologically designed to be highly impressionable (very much needed when you have to follow the caveman tribe to survive). Surround their impressionable young minds with liberalism and feminist thought and what do you expect to get?

Combine the above with a court system that favors females and an outdated (by true feminist standards) societal norm of always favoring the female and of course the young woman will feel (and therefore think) she is the center of the universe.

Lack of bearing responsibility
In a world where society refuses to acknowledge facts as facts, to add to the mindset that women "can't be evil" is to doom the masses. Female convicts face milder sentences than men. Female divorcees rarely face alimony or child support. And the list goes on. Yet men are told to "man up." Yet, you never hear a woman told to "woman up."

When you will not face the consequences of a mindset that goes against the grain of society, you have the privilege of accepting mindsets that do not work.

Can you imagine a caveman clan that convinced themselves that bears weren't really going to eat them? This clan would not have lasted long at all.

In short, our ancestors didn't have the luxury to adopt counterintuitive philosophies. If they did, they would have paid the price with their lives and couldnt, therefore, pass the stupidity on to offspring.

Liberalism and feminism are luxuries - no different than my son's nerf gun. The only purpose they serve is temporary amusement of the holder. However, none of them serve a purpose larger than that in society. 

And just as you would regard a boy as a silly child should he point a nerf gun at you and demand money; so too should you regard feminists and liberals of either gender.

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