Thursday, November 19, 2015

Perspective Is Reality

Quote from a young liberal feminist on Facebook:

Listening to 90s music with [female friend]:
[Her]: Men were so whiny in the 90s, and women were so hardcore!
Me: That's always, not just the 90s!
#feministforlife  #butreally

Sad reality is that if you only listen to the lamestream crap, you'll only hear their narrative.

Sad reality 2 - though her looks are ok (6 or so), her feminist mindset reduces her SMV. One boyfriend who dumped her in high school, and only two dates in college - the second of which turned into her current (gamma - not surprisingly) boyfriend. 

Suggestion -
Dump the feminist mindset immediately. Embrace the feminine side of your personality. Do this before you hit the wall (you have 5 years, tops).

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