Friday, November 20, 2015

Mostly True = All Lies

Some time back, this was a Facebook conversation I shared with someone:

Me: I do not hit "like" or share memes or quotes by known Calvinists, regardless of the veracity of the quote.

Gamma Wanna-Be Pastor: Sadly, you do so to your own detriment because a teachable person will learn even from those with whom they disagree. I can honestly say I have been inspired to love Jesus more and been taught great truths of the Christian faith by men who fall into both camps. Learn to listen with discernment yes.... but still listen.

Please note the following tactics in the reply - 1. Changing the subject, 2. Denial, 3. Arguing from the exception. Three argument tactics from the emotional and illogical, and frequently used by women.

Me: Ahhhh, but where did I say I didn't listen?
In fact, you'll notice my statement says "regardless of veracity" - specifically because Calvinists do sometimes speak the truth.
But then, Satan speaks the truth about as often as a Calvinist.

Not surprisingly, GWBP did not reply.

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