Monday, November 16, 2015

More Control

A Bill has been introduced  that would make civilian ownership of body armor illegal.

Why would the government want to take away your right to wear body armor, unless they want to shoot you?

Also - cited were cases of fatalities. Since when has body armor killed anyone?

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  1. According to govtrack,us, this bill has 0% chance of passing into law.

    Honda first introduced the bill in AUG 2014. Then again in JAN 2015 (H.R. 378). The last update was AUG 2015 with the bill still in committee. Now in November I doubt it's going anywhere. But like all commies in govt, he is persistent because they play the long game.

    But it's always about the deaths, isn't it? I guess he should also say it's for the children (TM) As if death is avoidable by legislation. A bigger killer is being kicked by mules but I don't see anything about that. Crazy jerk off in Congress.


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