Thursday, November 19, 2015

Liberal Rebellion

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've heard about the "controversy" over the Syrian (and some other) refugees. Of course, there is a well known and documented link between these Islamic refugees and Islamic extremists who have carried out great crimes against society (Paris, anyone?). The extremists infiltrate the hordes of legitimate refugees and enter into a court where their next target is.

Yet so many feminists and liberals are screaming out, demanding we continue to accept the refugees. They claim it is about humanitarian goals.


And this is a big but...

These same liberals and feminists are simultaneously lashing out at Republicans, Christians, and Patriots. The charges of not being "Christlike" in the opinion of an atheist feminist is irrelevant to me.

These libtards also try to draw correlation with the lack of acceptance of Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany... which has been debunked for multiple major reasons.

There was even one insaw, who had been bombarded by Christians asking if she would be willing to house refugees herself, who actually said that yes, she would house refugees! Of course, we all know this is a bluff. But people this unintelligent and uneducated  (this one in particular has an opinion on everything, including why she couldn't finish her college degree) only bluff when they are frightened.

In reality, these libtards are desperate. They are frightened. Not desperate to take in refugees. Not frightened of the harm that the Islamic extremists will cause - so long as that harm is to others. No, these libtards are desperate to find a way to fight the imagined patriarchy, and frightened that the realists of this world - conservatives, Christians, and patriots - will unite in a show of force. 

These libtards know that there are enough Christians, conservatives, and patriots with guns and training to make a difference in the country. And if a difference is made here, then it will spread worldwide. America would be great again in the eyes of the world.

At the end of the day, these libtards really don't even have any true emotion in this "controversy" except rebellion. They seek so strongly to rebel against the imagined patriarchy, that they will criticize and condemn anything associated with it.

Just because.

Just because they are so mentally ill, that they must say "no!" in a whiny toddler voice when reality dictates "yes."

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