Friday, November 6, 2015

Just Like The Others

Some people give me grief for being so hard on certain Republicans, especially when I draw likeness to their voting record when compared to liberal Democrats. The other day, I was presented with a conversational opportunity I rarely get - someone who didn't know my personal politics, and he was opening up to me about his politics.

First off, he plans to vote for Hillary Clinton for president. This is important to know. He described himself as a life long Democrat.

He likes Bernie Sanders, just doesn't think he can win, and doesn't think he can actually get anything done once in office. My contact didn't say this, but I interpreted his comments to mean Sanders is too much of a BETA (binary - CH model) to get anything done.

My contact likes Tennessee governor, Bill Haslam. Says Haslam is not as "hard right" (read: conservative) as most others in Tennessee.

This individual said he has voted every time for Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker - both in primaries as well as the general elections. Yes, anecdotal, but evidence of what I've always claimed.

This man claims Harold Ford, Jr. Is the smartest politician from Tennessee ever.

As far as Republican presidential candidates? This gets interesting.
He Likes -
Rubio (?)

He really dislikes -
Rand Paul
Ted Cruz (most of all)

Just thought you would appreciate an inside the mind of a liberal... if they actually have minds, that is.

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