Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Is Socialism Bad?

One or two liberal, militant feminist (redundant term is redundant) "friends" on Facebook can provide hours of entertainment and oodles of blog fodder.

Take this statement:
People, the government paves our roads, takes care of forests, funds our military, funds our elections, funds our educations via elementary-high schools, gave away lands (ever heard of the homestead act?), the federal government laid millions of miles of phone lines!, the feds build our damns [editorial note - "dams"] which create hydoelectric power, funds our elderly, funds our FDA the EPA (public health!), funds our canals and airports, we let places like walmart pay their employees crap so we fund their food stamps while their owners make billions, we fund basically EVERYTHING....yet the one thing that EVERYONE really needs is to have HEALTHCARE!!! And we don't fund that?! #headfrickingdesk #singlepayer #notallsocialismisbad!

And prior to 1900, the private sector did virtually all of these things, save the Homestead Act. While most people certainly need authority (this "person" especially), the government's job should be limited to doing things the private sector cannot or ought not.

And yes, all socialism is bad.

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