Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Holm Vs. Tate?

Lately, there's been some lobbying by the Miesha Tate camp, stating that Tate would like to be the next match for UFC Bantamweight Champion, Holly Holm. 

I would like to see that match, for several reasons -
- Rousey needs some time to recover. Add to that a proper training camp, and a Holm - Rousey rematch should be no less than 8 months from their fight.
- Holm would do well to get another fight under her belt between now and then.
- Tate was declared the #1 contender after her last win. To his credit, Dana White went back on his word and put together a more interesting fight (Holm - Rousey).

Also, now that the UFC judges have seen that a counter-puncher strategy is not only "legitimate," but can also be downright devastating, expect Holm to get a better shake if the fight goes to the judges. In her fight against Pennington, it was a split decision, even though Holm executed the counter-puncher strategy to perfection.  The problem is that MMA is still relatively new, as are the judges. Many had never given thought to that sort of style of fighting prior to Holm's win over Rousey.

In short - I'm all for a Holm - Tate title match. It would be fun. I would predict a 3rd round TKO by Holm to retain the championship.

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