Thursday, November 12, 2015

Fall Of Facebook

Facebook is in decline. More and more people with whom I communicate (personally, not online) are deleting their accounts or spending far less time on Facebook. Coincidentally, after I had penned this article and set it to post,  Return of Kings had a brilliant article on how Facebook emasculates men and should be avoided.

From my observations, Facebook has degenerated into the following:

Post something happy.
People secretly accuse the poster of artificial positivity, and suggest (behind the poster's back, of course) that the poster's life is in shambles the same as theirs.

Post something negative.
People point out (usually very accurately so) that the poster is attention-whoring.

Post something political.
And then the fight begins.

Post something pro-women.
This would be good, except these posts are rarely accurate.

Post something pro-men.
Usually doesn't happen.

Post pictures of your life.
This is almost the only redeeming value of the site any more.

Use Facebook to set up events and communicate with folks.
The only other acceptable use of Facebook these days.

Observe and collect information.
Hey, you know the government is doing it. You might as well join in - just might learn something. Knowledge is power, after all.

And those final three are the reasons I shall not delete my account, yet. That and my dojo page.

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