Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Definitions Mainly

The photo caption states -

Imagine, if you will, a world where
police are the enemy, IRS is used to silence opposition, patriots are called terrorists, terrorism is called "workplace violence," and the leading Democrat candidates are a Socialist and an old ex First Lady under FBI investigation.

And so, this one needs explanation. The caption starts with the statement that police are viewed as the enemy, which naturally infers that this is the most important statement. It is the most important, and here's why:

The IRS is used to silence opposition.
This threat would be useless unless there is threat of force backing it up... and there is! Where would the force come from? Oh, yeah... the police.

So, it's not just that the IRS would enforce corrupt policy, it's that the police would be used in that enforcement. And the thought that such enforcement originate with a group who faces virtually no consequences for wrong or illegal activity? Scary thought.

Patriots are called terrorists
Again, what would this matter unless there was unjust force waiting to be dispensed. And whom would dispense such force?
The police.

Terrorism is called "workplace violence"
This is not a direct problem, except that the US is often outfitting police with the same weaponry as the military. There's an old saying appropriate here about all life's problems appear to be nails when the only tool one has is a hammer.

The leading Democrat candidates are a Socialist and an old ex First Lady under FBI investigation.

Part 1 - the Socialist. This is problematic because Socialism is, by definition, the government "legalized" theft of that which belongs to one and redistribution to another. Who exactly will be carrying out the theft (by force)? If you think it's Bernie Sanders, I have oceanfront property in Arizona to sell you. Nope, the forceful theft would be enacted by the police.

Part 2 - ex First Lady under FBI investigation. This is problematic on two fronts. A) we all know the police will never arrest her. She is as above the law as they (the police). B) When she is not arrested, and if she attains office, she will be in charge of the police

Let that sink in.

All the way in.

Then tell me why the police shouldn't be viewed as a threat?

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