Tuesday, September 22, 2015

You Allow It

Some days ago, on Facebook, a friend asked if anyone knew whether there existed urine proof flooring. She intended to put it down in her bathroom. She stated that between raising four boys and having their friends over, she was forced to seek alternatives to cleaning when they missed the toilet.

Among the comments was a friend of hers with whom I am not familiar stating that she forces her sons to sit when they urinate.

As a man, I find both statements repugnant.

Why doesn't the first woman simply require that her boys not miss, and if they do miss, they clean up immediately? Why doesn't the second woman require the same? I'm sure if they simply asked their husbands, the men would be in agreement and would help them enforce.

But no, they have to go looking for some oddball answer, or forcing feminine behavior instead. This is what's wrong with our society these days with regards to masculinity. Nobody is raising men.


  1. Of course you did post on the FB page that you find it repugnant and the reason why, right? You manned up, right? I can imagine the nuclear fallout from that.

  2. What you've suggested seems like an attempt to incite the Facebook poster. Stirring up "nuclear fallout" as you put it will never convince someone to see the errors of their ways nor change.

    If you are seeking a way to reply to that FB post (maybe you have seen similar?), then perhapse this response would work: "I require my son (s) and guests to hit their target and clean up after themselves if they don't."

    Simple, straight to the point, and certainly demonstrates masculinity. Holding oneself accountable and making amends in the event of failure are both masculine positive activities.


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