Monday, September 28, 2015

Welfare States of Divorce

A few days ago, my pastor uploaded a video (he does that most days) to Facebook. The topic was the number one problem in marriages today.  Here's a link to his page so you can go see the video for yourself.

I agree with Pastor Locke's assessment. And I'll take it a step further. Here's a look at the most prevalent reasons why we have so much divorce today.

Divorce today is popular. People are herd animals. We go the way the herd is going. Television, movies, and social media glamorize divorce and single motherhood. Everybody else is getting one, so Jane wants a divorce, too. Not too long ago, divorce had an air of shame about it. You didn't broadcast that you got divorced. And it certainly wasn't celebrated.

One of the easiest contracts to enforce in America is the financial contract of divorce. Other contracts bear a burden of proof, but not divorce. In a divorce, either party can terminate the contract and set off a chain of events whereby one party gains access to half of the financial interests of the other party. Both parties need not wish to sever the agreement.

Name another contract in the US whereby either party may terminate the agreement at their own will, and then still be privy to half the financial interests of the other party. Divorce is financial incentive in the flesh. In the US, divorce is one of the largest welfare programs instituted.

Lack of Punishment
In caveman days, if a woman didn't want to be with her "husband" any more, she could leave the tribe whenever she wanted. Only problem was that then she would have to find her own food. Surely there were times when this was preferable to whatever was going on  back at the cave... but even a crazy woman would think twice about leaving a man (and, therefore, the tribe) over a trivial dispute.

In any other industry, any one of these factors would be a reason to select one thing over a other. But to have all four? Wow. It's amazing we don't have a 98% divorce rate.

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