Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Wasps and Gammas

Out on a walk recently and observed something that made sense for a blog post. There was a part of the path where many wasps were flying around. As you know, wasps are ornery and will sting without provocation.

Generally, my children would have made a mad dash to get out of there. However, I just strolled through without concern. The worst thing a wasp can do is sting me. But if it stings me, I will surely kill it. That's not a "fair" exchange: I feel a few moments of discomfort, but the wasp loses everything.

A few days back,  Alpha Game  posted an article on why gammas marginalize. That reminded me of the wasps. The worst thing the gamma can do is cause slight momentary discomfort. Meanwhile, those whom he targets can end things for him; socially and likely enough physically if things ever degraded that far.

Not ironically, my son, a 10 - year old natural alpha, no longer runs from wasps. In fact, if I'm out of town and learn when I get home that there was a wasp in the house, smart money bets that the boy was the one who killed it.

Post - edit:
My son accurately mentions that destroying some gammas socially is impossible... as they have little or no social life and / or have already destroyed themselves prior to you. 

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