Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Republican Debate 2

Summary of thoughts on the debate:

Trump is in the lead because he knows what the other candidates are not capable of understanding: he knows people, he knows what people want. Thanks to JJ on FB for that quote.

Fiorina had moments of brilliance and moments of derp. It will be interesting to see how she polls over the next week as this debate is micro-analyzed.

Carson shows his brilliance in the last debate was due to his personality. He is the most professional, polite person in this race. He's either genuinely a nice guy, or he is fully capable of killing every last motherfucker on that stage.

Christie is desperate for a government job. To be fair, there's nothing else in this life he could actually do.

Bush changed his approach. It is easy to see through, but time will tell if the voters fall for it, or see through it.

Rubio showed well. I expect he will jump in the polls.

Cruz did better than average, but not as good as Rubio. Hard for either of them with the extremely limited time they got.

Huckabee knows his lines. He doesn't believe them. He will turn away from them in a heartbeat. But he knows what people want to hear on specific topics.

Rand Paul had a flash when it came to Marijuana and the 10th Amendment,  but generally looked like a low level Beta dweeb.

Kasich was the big odd man out. He offered as much substance as Christie (none), with all the passion of Carson  (again, none). But only Carson can be quiet and dull and make it interesting. Kasich just looks out of his league. Doesn't belong.

Walker is still running the marathon. He is looking to be standing still as he others implode.

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