Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Presidential Race Update

Lots of people ask me what I think about politics, hence the numerous political posts you'll see here. One of the regular questions is about presidential campaigns. Here are my favorites as of this week:

- Ted Cruz
He's just doing everything right for the situation. Mostly conservative, and mostly in favor of  liberty. I'll probably be voting for him in the primary.

- Scott Walker
Another who is mostly conservative and mostly in favor of liberty. I foresee the possibility of implosion by other frontrunner candidates and Walker being the last viable option.

- Ben Carson
He is appealing to the level headed voter who wants a non-politician in office. Like Walker, his best opportunity is to lie in wait for others to implode, then take the lead.

- Donald Trump
The Donald appeals to the passionate voter who wants a non-politician in office. He is clearly the alpha male of the entire race. He is saying what We The People are thinking. His stances have shifted to make him more conservative, and these stances are right for the issues that matter.

- Rand Paul
He came across as whiny to many people. To be fair, there is a lot to complain about in modern America... but Trump says it the way people like to hear it... and on the topics that matter to most.

Won't vote for, under any circumstance:
- Bush
- Christie
- Huckabee
- Santorum
- Kasich


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